Sunday, November 15, 2009

The lesser-known villages of the quabbin valley

 The area within the quabbin boundaries known as Doubleday village is a fairly remote area of land located on the northeastern side of the quabbin watershed near Petersham , Approximately 24 people called this place home. There are many old roads and stonewalls that seem to wander endlessly through the hills.
Several ponds and streams are visible along the way and it makes for a most enjoyable hike.

Doubleday village

village center

upper Doubleday mill site on fever brook

the mill when it was still in place

Sunday, November 1, 2009

yet another walk in the woods

This was an interesting hike,
I started off near the waters edge
In the quabbin reservoir, threw a few fields and
Into the woods, as I was walking along a narrow trail
I saw 5 doe to the left of me, for a few moments they were
 Unaware of my presents, then to the right I heard
Strange grunting noises coming from the under brush
Than without warning a large buck appeared and stood
Atop a stonewall and started what I can only describe
As screaming at me. It sounded like an elk call.
I could tell that he was not happy about me being near
the doe’s and a few seconds later they all disappeared.