Sunday, September 27, 2009

pleasant river maine

The pleasant river in Washington county Maine
Is one of the few untouched rivers, it a slow flowing River that stretches from rt9 in beddington to the coast.
The river meanders through one of the largest peat bogs
In the country and because of the remote location few people
Venture into this area.
on one trip into this area with two other Fellows we started from the south end at a place called El meadow.
It was early spring and the water was high, I had my canoe and the
Two others were in another, I carried most of the gear.
Starting out early in the morning we traveled all day upstream, dozens Of Beaver dams blocked our passage.
About 7 miles up there is a wooded Rise in the land that makes a good camping area, we stayed there for three days.
The fishing was great, all the native brook trout you could want.
While on the river fishing more than once we saw moose feeding in the river sometimes paddling only a few feet from them. We also saw bear and may eagles.
The return trip was a lot easier the canoes were lighter and we were able to shoot over most of the beaver dams without stopping.

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