Sunday, November 1, 2009

yet another walk in the woods

This was an interesting hike,
I started off near the waters edge
In the quabbin reservoir, threw a few fields and
Into the woods, as I was walking along a narrow trail
I saw 5 doe to the left of me, for a few moments they were
 Unaware of my presents, then to the right I heard
Strange grunting noises coming from the under brush
Than without warning a large buck appeared and stood
Atop a stonewall and started what I can only describe
As screaming at me. It sounded like an elk call.
I could tell that he was not happy about me being near
the doe’s and a few seconds later they all disappeared.

1 comment:

abduk said...

hey mate
Looks like you have had some nice weather out there on the east coast.
Lid up sick today...and we finally have a beautiful sunny day.
Enjoy the pictures man.