Sunday, June 20, 2010

Five days on Green River Reservoir in Vermont

This is not your typical Vermont State Park – Green River Reservoir provides camping and paddling experiences in a remote setting. All campsites can only be reached by paddling to them - some a 1 to 2-mile paddle from the launch site.

.        my son and i heading out

        crossing the reservoir heading for green river inlet

               setting up camp
            exploring the rivers inlet


        follow the link below to see a map of the park ,our site was #13

       this park is a hidden treasure,the abundance of wildlife was amazing.
       we saw bear, moose,otters,loons,eagles,hawks,osprey and at night the
       forest came alive with wildlife sounds.


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Laura said...


Fat Paddler said...

Absolutely stunning photos! What an amazing place to paddle. Cheers - FP

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great pics